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 We need a new soundtrack 

 for democracy. 

 Now more than ever. 

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The top-rated anthem:

Will be professionally produced with an audio track featuring

Madame Gandhi on percussion, and a music video, and promoted.

+ Cash award: $5,000

Package value: $25,000

The top five rated anthems:

Will be belted out by our partner movements in 2020.

+ Cash award: $1,000 for 4 runners up



Madame Gandhi
Artist and Activist

“What excites me about Songs For Good is knowing that some of the biggest revolutions in history have happened because of the musicians of the time. Music has always been one of the most powerful forms of art because it caters to the emotions and fosters a sense of empathy and motivation in the listener. It gives me great joy to lend my voice to an organization that seeks to use songwriting as a political tool to inspire change. It could not be a better partnership.”

Renaldo Pearson 
Dir. of External Affairs

“We've yet to match or even approximate the musical portfolio that elevated the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. We have an opportunity to change that today with Songs for Good!"

Brendan Duff
March for Our Lives

"Music has been absolutely integral to the March For Our Lives movement and culture since its inception. Artivism—the intersection of art and activism—is an extremely powerful tool for inspiring and connecting with others, yet its potential reach remains largely untapped. That's why March For Our Lives is thrilled to partner with Songs For Good for the 2020 Challenge. Together, we're encouraging our network to use their voices in more ways than one!"

  • Write an anthem to mobilize giant crowds of our partner movements in-person or online in 2020.

  • What do you stand for? What do you want to see? What will fuel our nation's transformation for good?

  • Write original words and melody, rap, chant or combo. Consider hands claps and foot stomps.

  • Minimal instruments, no political figures or legislation, just musical fire. 

  • See the rules before getting started or submitting an already written song.

  • Have an anthem for justice? Submit then post on Instagram and TikTok and tag #anthemsforjustice. See below for how this supports The Movement for Black Lives.

  • Have questions? Check out the FAQs.



  • This is all about testing the waters for a movement-ready anthem that will be sung at rallies and marches without instruments. 

  • Record a primary, vocals only or minimal instrumentation version from your phone or professional setup to demonstrate its ability to be performed at public gatherings with no amplification. 

  • If there is an existing studio version, you can submit it as a secondary submission.

  • See suggestions for home recording.

Create an account and submit your anthem on Submittable.

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Have an original anthem for justice?

In honor of the Juneteenth and Black Freedom, a donor has offered to give $10 to The Movement for Black Lives for each submission—up to the first 500—and posted on Instagram or TikTok with #anthemsforjustice, through July 19.

Be part of the action to #DefendBlackLives.


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