The Continuous Headshot

THE CONTINUOUS, an ‘epic’ rock band known for their unique blend of cinematic and electronic undertones, is focused on inspiring a multi-generational transformation of society as we know it. With just over ten years left to avert one of the greatest known existential threats to humanity, The Continuous is dedicated to battling the climate crisis at its roots through the utilization of music, film, and activism. Humanities' collective future relies not only on long term, large-scale systemic changes necessary, but also on smaller, individualistic changes we must begin making today. The fate of humanity is in all of our hands.


Launched in late 2018 by singer and songwriter Tommy Embers, The Continuous set off with a mission to tether two ever-important aspects of human consciousness; entertainment and justice. With music and film being some of the most powerful mediums of influence, Tommy sees the opportunity to utilize these art forms to inspire positive change to the current status quo. The overwhelming intersectionality between many social injustices has expanded the band's focus much broader than just a race to save the environment. This has led to their dedicated commitment of donating 15% or more of all proceeds towards various charities and causes on the front line of social justice, including the U.S. based Sunrise Movement. “This generation is full of the attentive, patient, and progressive ones. We create hope for change and maintain the endurance to survive. It is within us, that we will find the key to unlocking a just and equal future for all. A world unified. A world at peace.” -Tommy Embers, 2020

In March of 2019, The Continuous released their debut single “Believe”, written as a rock anthem for those already fighting the climate crisis. One month later, this single went on to be featured in the original short film series “GRASP Origins”, and has since garnered thousands of streams across a collection of on-demand services. In September of 2019, The Continuous utilized their platform to promote and perform at the international Climate Strike in Nashville, Tennessee. The COVID pandemic of 2020 brought a damaging impact to the global economy, resulting in a significant halt upon the music industry. With summer tour plans cancelled and a stark realization that “normal” may never truly return, the band began brainstorming an alternative direction. They ultimately made the decision to take a digital-centric approach and place touring on the back burner. With more focus online and in the studio, the result has been the production of music collaborations with various artists and songwriters, set for release over the remaining months of 2020. With 2021 quickly approaching, The Continuous has their sights aimed high, carving out their own path through the thick noise of the entertainment industry. With activism and social justice on their side, they’re aligned with the stars, and destined to inspire positive change for humans across the globe.


If you join a fight for social justice you may win or lose, but just by being part of the struggle, you win, and your life will be better for it.”
Howard Zinn