Sunshine Becker Headshot

Ever inventive in her drive to deliver songs from the heart that feel authentic to the core, SUNSHINE (GARCIA) BECKER is a multi-talented musician and songwriter who has had much of her success in the Jam band genre of Rock & Roll music. Touring internationally with the Grateful Dead’s spin-off band Furthur, and later with Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia’s surviving organist) & JGB Band, Sunshine continues to sing to sold out rooms where people come to dance and celebrate and leave uplifted and surprised by the power of their collective voices. She is the type of performer that will make sure that audiences know their own voice is a strong gift and tool for positivity. Sunshine is a bay area native of Northern California.


Born in Oakland, her time in Vocal Motion, the touring group of the Oakland Youth Chorus, led her to join the world renowned acapella band SoVoSó. Since 1994, she has represented the band both as a performer and booking liaison, creating many memorable albums and performances all over the world.  Sunshine thrives in improvisational music, both in live performance and in the recording studio.


Currently, she teaches vocal performance in the private and school sector for voices of all ages, leads circlesinging workshops and loves to share what she has learned about captivating storytelling via songs. She loves helping others achieve their goals in music. Her songwriting spans everything from Funky R & B dance tunes to pop ballads, gospel and folk inspired mantras, all in the key of the life of a racially mixed woman, mother and human being who aims to use her musical platform for social change and radical joy. She looks forward to releasing a holiday album and currently has several new songs in the works for upcoming projects.