Rachael Major Headshot

For Rachael Major, music is the color of life. It has been twelve years since her church family heard her first public song, and in that time her passion to develop—and share—her God-given voice has grown right along with her. While she continues to explore a variety of musical styles, acoustic songs with layered harmonies and introspective, hopeful lyrics are a current favorite. Rachael wrote, produced and recorded “New Day” at home using studio equipment that she taught herself to use and purchased with funds specifically saved from her first summer job. For Rachael, music is as natural--and as necessary—as breathing. But it’s more than just “performance”—it is a stewardship. “Music is one of the most powerful, unifying forces on the planet,”
she says, “And it reaches people’s hearts and minds in ways that nothing else can.” Rachael’s journey of artistic expression is just beginning, and the 2020 Songs for Good competition is an important chapter in her musical story.