Marquie Jackson and Broderic Thompson He

Marquie Jackson(27) and Broderic Thompson(23) are young aspiring artists from Houston Texas. They’re genre of music is HipHop/R&B. Broderic Thompson whose artist name is G.I.F.T  is an R&B artist. He uses his life experiences and relationship troubles to bring a somber, but harmonic feel to his music. Marquie Jackson whose artist name is Knowledge is a HipHop/Rap artist. He uses metaphors and clever placements of words to reach out to his audience in a more in depth way than most. They’re featured together on two different occasions with the singles “Memories”and “Can’t Help It”. Growing up together in a heavily based christian family they both use what they have learned and acquired to bring passion and soulfulness to their music that makes it unique to them. With them being young black men in today's society entering into the Songs for Good 2020 Challenge was a way for their voices to be heard, and try to bring unity among all backgrounds through music.